Levi Loves Life


   This week we are sharing a photo shoot done by one of our brand rep's @thelevigraham. His mom filled us in on the following:  As a two year old, one of Levi's favorite things is throwing rocks in the water. He loved going to the lake for this shoot to splash around (after pics are done, then comes the mess!😉 )          Levi loves getting "presents" in the mail and this romper was no exception! He took his shirt off to put the, Oceana Romper on immediately! He was excited to point out the whales!      ---Thanks for modelling our spring 2017 'Oceana Romper' Levi. You always put a smile on our face and your energy is always felt through your photos.    Our Oceana print is now offered as a 'baby bundle' in sizes 6m-18m. Priced at $55 CDN for the set! (What a steal!)    

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