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Hey Autism momma,

I see you. I see the weight you carry. I see the hours and years of therapy you invest in. I see the physicality of the sacrifices you make for your child- the time and money alone is astounding. I see the worry and research. I see your sleepless nights. I see the fierce advocate that you are. I see your pain, but I also see your pride. It shines through always.

I see you in the grocery aisles. I see you at the playground. I see you at church and at play dates. We misfit band of woman are our own unique puzzle. You are not alone in this momma.

I also see your child. I see them for what they are. A miracle. A gift. A blessing. I see your sons and daughters as the amazing, talented, fierce fighters they were born to be; These sweet spirits who see life through a different lens.

You are so strong and yet soft of heart. You are tired but nontheless relentless. I see you.

And you my sweet sister in Autism are amazing. You are worthy. You are a force to be reckoned with and a blessing to be counted.

I see you.

Love and light. ♡

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